The Location

LaerCon takes place at the Rittergut Haus Laer in Bochum, an old beautiful water castle.
This year’s New Years Party we will take place in the middle / medium sized room (“Großer Festsaal”) again (like the previous years).


The manor has a (limited) number of cozy and very unique rooms / suites, which means you can snuggle up in a real bed after the party. Please note the following:

The rooms must be booked through us (not via Haus Laer), the accommodation costs are not included in the entrance fee.

The entrance fee must be paid to Nightfox (bank transfer or Paypal) in advance, the costs for the rooms have to be paid at your arrival (at the owners of Haus Laer, not Nightfox). Please note that at Haus Laer you can only pay in cash (preferred). If possible, please bring the exact amount of cash.


The room costs for 2022 are:

Suite for 2 persons (24 available) – 115 € (additional night: 55 €)
Suite for 3 persons (2 available) – 145 € (additional night: 60 €)
Suite for 4 persons (2 available) – 180 € (additional night: 80 €)

Standard Room for 1 person (4 available) – 80 € (additional night: 35 €)
Standard Room for 2 persons (15 available) – 90 € (additional night: 45 €)
Standard Room for 4 persons (1 available) – 140 € (additional night: 60 €)

Early Arrival / Late Departure:

Haus Laer offered us a nice special: if you would like to extend your stay (for example arrive on 30th December or stay until 2nd January), the additional night(s) only cost half the room price. The prices for the additional nights are listed above. For example, if you arrive on 30.12.22 and stay until 02.01.23 (three nights) in a Standard Room, the total costs for the room (not per person) would be 180 €.