Who will be there?

Here you can look up the current list of participants. Following people have been accepted. Confirmed rooms you can recognize by the green check mark. ✅

If you have already registered and are not on the list yet, please be patient. We’re doing our best to let in as many people as possible.

As every year, the number of participants is limited by the number of rooms we have unfortunately. If you wanna share a room/suite with 3 or 4 people, write this down in your registration or let Tani know. Information about the room costs you can find here. People who haven’t listed a room partner yet are usually still looking for one, so please feel free to get in contact and let me know.

This year (2022) we have the following numbers of rooms available:
Room prices can be found here.

  • 4 Standard single rooms (1 person)
  • 15 Standard double rooms (2 persons)
  • 1 Standard room (4 persons)
  • 24 Suites (2 persons)
  • 2 Suites (3 persons)
  • 2 Suites (4 persons)

It is not possible to attend without confirmation or to bring unregistered / unconfirmed people to the party!

The participants list below is still in work! More names will be added.

#NameStatusRoom RequestRoom shared withEarly / Late
1NightfoxpaidSuite ✅TaniDaReal
2TaniDaRealpaidSuite ✅Nightfox
3AmurUssuripaidStandard Room ✅LaimikaEarly / Late
4AndreapaidSuite ✅Kenya Kane
7BärbelpaidSuite ✅Dietmar
8BigBangFoxpaidStandard Room ✅(single room)Early
9BlackfurballpaidStandard Room ✅Kamikaze
10BurcisWolfpaidStandard Room ✅Jason
11CadianpaidStandard Room ✅NiidraxEarly
13Castore Devon paidStandard Room ✅eejtyEarly / Late
14CelinapaidSuite ✅Philipp
15ChagapaidSuite ✅Flex
17CurrypaidSuite ✅TiBoth
18DarvimpaidStandard Room ✅ (4)FleecyWolf, Ripster, Suran
19DaszhpaidSuite ✅RaucoLate
20developardpaidStandard Room ✅
21DexterpaidStandard Room ✅Tay
22DietmarpaidSuite ✅Bärbel
23DingopaidStandard Room ✅FamisEarly / Late
24Draegen SweetTailpaidSuite ✅Kralle
25DustypaidSuite ✅ (4)Khaki, Rush Lion, Erilo
26eejtypaidStandard Room ✅CastoreEarly / Late
27EosFoxxpaidSuite ✅Jaryic
28ErilopaidSuite ✅ (4)Khaki, Dusty, Rush Lion
29FallenWolfpaidSuite ✅SunniEarly
30FamispaidStandard Room ✅Dingo
31FleecyWolfpaidStandard Room ✅ (4)Darvim, Ripster, Suran
32FlexpaidSuite ✅Chaga
33FurvanpaidStandard Room ✅o‘wolf
34FuzzyFoxpaidSuite ✅Nov
35HakupaidSuite ✅ (3)Strife, Noori
36HanoukpaidSuite ✅Kavivila
37HurgapaidStandard Room ✅Tioh
38IggipaidStandard Room ✅ScharasTheFolfEarly
39JaryicpaidSuite ✅EosFoxx
40JasonpaidStandard Room ✅BurcisWolf
41KamikazepaidStandard Room ✅Blackfurball
42KavivilapaidSuite ✅Hanouk
43KayLynxpaidSuite ✅Sonuh
44KenttuFoxpaidStandard Room ✅WarmíkEarly
45Kenya KanepaidSuite ✅Andrea
46KhakipaidSuite ✅ (4)Rush Lion, Dusty, Erilo
48KimonpaidSuite ✅VerpeilusEarly
49KoltaspaidSuite ✅Wali
50KrallepaidSuite ✅Draegen SweetTail
51LaimikapaidStandard Room ✅AmurUssuriEarly / Late
52LeapaidStandard Room ✅RunoratsuEarly
53LoewipaidSuite ✅WhiteLion, Selis
54LupopaidSuite ✅Cheetah
55LuxenpaidSuite ✅MafunDiEarly
56MafundDipaidSuite ✅LuxenEarly
57Martini SnowfoxpaidStandard Room ✅SheppyEarly / Late
58momohoskinpaidStandard Room ✅Revaivwra
60NiidraxpaidStandard Room ✅CadianEarly
61nobspaidSuite ✅ZaeladorEarly
62NooripaidSuite ✅ (3)Haku, Strife
63NovpaidSuite ✅FuzzyFox
64o‘wolfpaidStandard Room ✅Furvan
65PhilipppaidSuite ✅Celina
66PonyfoxpaidStandard Room ✅(single room)
67RaucopaidSuite ✅DaszhLate
68RevaivwrapaidStandard Room ✅momohoskin
69RipsterpaidStandard Room ✅ (4)Darvim, FleecyWolf, Suran
70RonniepaidSuite ✅Uncle Kage
71Royen BlackwingpaidStandard Room ✅(single room)Early / Late
72RunoratsupaidStandard Room ✅LeaEarly
73Rush LionpaidSuite ✅ (4)Khaki, Dusty, Erilo
74SaberhagenpaidStandard Room ✅Snow-wolf
75ScharasTheFolfpaidStandard Room ✅IggiEarly
76SelispaidSuite ✅WhiteLion, Loewi
77SheppypaidStandard Room ✅Martini SnowfoxEarly / Late
78Silverfoxwolf paidSuite ✅Late
79Snow-wolfpaidStandard Room ✅Saberhagen
80SonuhpaidSuite ✅KayLynx
81StrifepaidSuite ✅ (3)Haku, Noori
82StripepaidSuite ✅Yuky
83SunnipaidSuite ✅FallenWolfEarly
84SuranpaidStandard Room ✅ (4)Darvim, FleecyWolf, RipsterEarly
85TaypaidStandard Room ✅Dexter
86TiBothpaidSuite ✅CurryEarly / Late
87TiohpaidStandard Room ✅Hurga
88Uncle KagepaidSuite ✅Ronnie
89VerpeiluspaidSuite ✅KimonEarly
90WalipaidSuite ✅Koltas
91WarmíkpaidStandard Room ✅KenttuFoxEarly
92WhiteLionpaidSuite ✅Loewi, Selis
93YukypaidSuite ✅Stripe
94ZaeladorpaidSuite ✅nobsEarly