Who will be there?

Here you can look up the current list of participants. Following people have been accepted. Confirmed rooms you can recognize by the green check mark. ✅

If you have already registered and are not on the list yet, please be patient. We’re doing our best to let in as many people as possible.

As every year, the number of participants is limited by the number of rooms we have unfortunately. If you wanna share a room/suite with 3 or 4 people, write this down in your registration or let Tani know. Information about the room costs you can find here. People who haven’t listed a room partner yet are usually still looking for one, so please feel free to get in contact and let me know.

This year (2021) we have the following numbers of rooms available:

  • 1 single Standard room (1 person)
  • 20 double Standard rooms (2 persons)
  • 25 Suites (2 persons)
  • 2 Suites (3 persons) – booked out
  • 2 Suites (4 persons) – booked out

It is not possible to attend without confirmation or to bring unregistered / unconfirmed people to the party!

#NameStatusRoom RequestRoom shared withEarly / Late
1NightfoxpaidSuite ✅TaniDaRealEarly
2TaniDaRealpaidSuite ✅NightfoxEarly
3AmurUssuripaidStandard Room ✅LaimikaEarly / Late
4aphinionnot paid yetSuite ✅Willion
5AroxxisdonatedSuite ✅Fleecy, KanimEarly / Late
6AzanapaidSuite ✅MonoLate
7BigBlueFoxnot paid yetSuite ✅Early / Late
8CadianrefundedSuite ✅NiidraxEarly
9CheetahdonatedSuite ✅Lupo
10Cody FurdragonrefundedStandard Room ✅Famis
11CurryrefundedSuite ✅TiBothEarly
12DexterrefundedStandard Room ✅Tay
13DingorefundedSuite ✅KazookieEarly / Late
14Draegen SweettailrefundedStandard Room ✅Kralle
15EosFoxxnot paid yetSuite ✅Jaryic
16ErilopaidSuite ✅Khaki, Rush
17FamisrefundedStandard Room ✅Cody Furdragon
18FleecyrefundedSuite ✅Aroxxis, KanimEarly
19FondyrefundedStandard Room ✅Wiesel
20FozzaroopaidSuite ✅Wali, Koltas
21FurballrefundedSuite ✅Kamikaze
22FurvanpaidStandard Room ✅o'wolf
23FuzzyFoxrefundedStandard Room ✅Nov
24FwewyupaidStandard Room ✅
25HakurefundedSuite ✅Strife, Noori
26HanoukrefundedSuite ✅KayaLate
27HurgarefundedStandard Room ✅Tioh
28IggipaidStandard Room ✅ScharasTheFolfEarly
29Jaryicnot paid yetSuite ✅EosFoxx
30KamikazerefundedSuite ✅Furball
31KanimpaidSuite ✅Aroxxis, FleecyEarly
32KayrefundedSuite ✅Sonuh
33KayarefundedSuite ✅HanoukLate
34KazookiedonatedSuite ✅DingoEarly / Late
35KerubiarefundedStandard Room ✅Rakurim
36KestralrefundedSuite ✅TysonEarly / Late
37KhakipaidSuite ✅Rush, Erilo
38Kidarefunded(no room)
39KoltasrefundedSuite ✅Wali, Fozzaroo
40KrallerefundedStandard Room ✅Draegen Sweettail
41LaimikadonatedStandard Room ✅AmurUssuriEarly / Late
42LiampaidStandard Room ✅RunoratsuEarly / Late
43LoewirefundedSuite ✅White Lion, Selis
44LupopaidSuite ✅Cheetah
45Luxennot paid yetSuite ✅MafunDi
46MafunDirefundedSuite ✅Luxen
47Martini SnowfoxpaidStandard Room ✅VividEarly
48MonopaidSuite ✅AzanaLate
49NiidraxrefundedSuite ✅CadianEarly
50nobsrefundedStandard Room ✅Zaelador
51Noorinot paid yetSuite ✅Strife Haku
52NovrefundedStandard Room ✅FuzzyFox
53o'wolfrefundedStandard Room ✅Furvan
54PhasorrefundedSuite ✅Tilondrion
55Ponyfoxnot paid yetStandard Room ✅
56RakurimrefundedStandard Room ✅Kerubia
57Royen BlackwingpaidStandard Room ✅Stefan (Smooth)Late
58RunoratsudonatedStandard Room ✅LiamEarly / Late
59RushpaidSuite ✅Khaki, Erilo
60ScharasTheFolfrefundedStandard Room ✅IggiEarly
61SelisrefundedSuite ✅White Lion, Loewi
62Snow-wolfrefundedStandard Room ✅
63SonuhpaidSuite ✅Kay
64StefanrefundedStandard Room ✅Royen Blackwing
65StriferefundedStandard Room ✅Noori, Haku
66StripepaidSuite ✅Yuky
67TayrefundedStandard Room ✅Dexter
68Ti-KillapaidSuite ✅Wahya
69TiBothrefundedSuite ✅CurryEarly / Late
70TilondrionrefundedSuite ✅PhasorEarly / Late
71TiohpaidStandard Room ✅Hurga
72TysonpaidSuite ✅KestralEarly / Late
73VividpaidStandard Room ✅Martini Snowfox
74WahyapaidSuite ✅Ti-Killa
75WalirefundedSuite ✅Fozzaroo, Koltas
76White LionrefundedSuite ✅Selis, Loewi
77WieselrefundedStandard Room ✅Fondy
78Willionnot paid yetSuite ✅Aphinion
79YukypaidSuite ✅Stripe
80ZaeladorrefundedStandard Room ✅nobs